Be the leader people want to follow.

Leadership Coaching

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

Leadership can be something that you seek and it can also be thrust upon you. It requires one to draw upon self-reflection, integrity, a true desire to care about the success of others and inner strength of resolution.  

The first part of our career is based on learning the skills of how to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s   — the hard skills to ensure the widget is manufactured correctly, the bridge is engineered for safety, or the financial report is correct. No one really tells you that it’s the soft skills that will transport you into leadership roles. 

We could create a long list of attributes and capabilities that describe who a leader is and what they do, including saying ‘No’. But the truth of the matter is, a leader is who people need them to be in that moment. 

The man who sweeps the floor can be as great a leader as any if he has the ability to hold a vision, inspire others, and resolve conflict. 

Leadership is about seeing through circumstances and making the right decisions. 

Invest in you

At verve, we’re here to empower you, to be that safe place for brainstorming solutions. We offer support based upon the wisdom of experience, but it is your wisdom and self confidence that will develop.

Together, we will find insight into the challenges you are facing. From insight, come perspective. From perspective, comes solutions.  

Ultimately, the end results are what you make of the process, enhanced performance, specific career development or work/life balance. 

Our only goal at verve is your success.